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Everything you need for a professional finish

 5 Brush Set

Soft Bristle Brushes

Pack of 5

0.5"/12mm, 1"/25mm, 1.5"/38mm, 2 x 2"/50mm Brushes £5.99

Individual Prices:

0.5"/12mm £1.19

1"/25mm £1.80

1.5"/38mm £2.40

2"/50mm £3.00

The soft bristled brushes are recommended for use with Stone Coating products, our company and customers find that the soft bristled brushes give the best results.

There is no need to spend a fortune on brushes to use our products, we recommend these as they have less bristles then dearer brushes, so therefore work better and easier with our Stone Coating products.

At only £5.99 for 5 brushes these are a bargain, order yours today with your Stone Coating.

Find them in our online shop under Accessories.


 5 Brush Set

Stipple Brushes


100mm x 40mm

The stipple brushe is recommended for use with Stone Coating products to give a stippled effetc on the finished product.


Only £5.00 for the stipple brush

Find it in our online shop under Accessories.


 All Purpose Polythene Dust Sheet

SupaDec Decorator


Protects from dust and dirt effective and econmical, ideal for decorating, gardening and DIY

Approx. 12' x 6' (3.6m x 1.8m)

At only £2.50 order yours today.

Find them in our online shop under Accessories.

Touch of Colour Pigments 50ml

50ml StoneLux Pigiments

Pigments can be used with any StoneLux coating, use for either changing the colour of the product or lightening or darkening the product

Easy to use. Simply add drop by drop and mix well.
Available in 6 colours.

  • Black - 50ml
  • White - 50ml
  • Buff - 50ml
  • Red - 50ml
  • Yellow - 50ml
  • Green - 50ml

Shake well before use.

Adding to coating - Add drops & mix well unitl desired colour is achieved

Keep this product out of reach of children

Charles Products cannot be liable for improper use.

At only £4.98 acheive the colour and look you want! If we dont supply the colour you need or want, grab one of these today, add it to your Coating and get your desired colour.

Find them in our online shop under Accessories.


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